Estimated index value of ships 2009-2016

Analysis of the design efficiency of ships that have entered the fleet since 2009

FABER, Jasper (Auteur) ; HOEN, Marteen (Auteur)


CE Delft

May 2017

25 p.

cargo ; vraquier ; méthanier ; navire citerne ; porte-conteneurs ; consommation énergétique ; consommation de carburant ; performance énergétique ; rendement énergétique

Report for the European Federation for Transport and Environment AISBL.

"The study finds that based on an analysis of EIVs, the average design efficiency of new ships has improved in recent years. However, the efficiency improvements seem to have stalled in 2016. On average, the design efficiency of new bulk carriers, tankers and gas carriers was worse in 2016 than they were in 2015.....The design efficiency of container ships and general cargo carriers was more or less at the same level in 2016 as in 2015".

Langue : Anglais

Type d'ouvrage : Rapport - Etude

Collection : Reports CE Delft

N° : 17.7L97.69

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